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Drivers Remember – Texting While Driving Is Now Illegal In Pennsylvania

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What are people doing throughout Pennsylvania to educate drivers, especially teenagers, about the new texting while driving ban?

According to the March 9, 2012 edition of the York Daily Record, police in South Central Pennsylvania are trying to educate teens about the new texting while driving ban and at least one legislator believes hand-held cellphones will be addressed in the near future. For example, Southern Regional Police officers handed out fliers to Susquehannock High School students Thursday, March 8, 2012, about the new texting while driving ban, which went into effect that day.

The new law prohibits drivers from sending, reading or writing any text-based message from any interactive wireless device while driving. Police can stop a driver who is violating the law. No other offense needs to be committed. The fine is $50 and if you are cited more than four (4) times it can be as high as $1,000.

State Rep. Eugene DePasquale, and also Auditor General candidate, who has supported the legislation for five years, says word is getting out about the new law, but “we have a lot of work to do to end this dangerous behavior” and he believes a ban on handheld cellphones while driving will be discussed.

For more on the efforts of police to educate teens about the new law, see the March 9, 2012 online edition of the York Daily Record at the following link:


Parents should also be encouraged to explain to there children the new law and the dangers of distracted driving.