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Pennsylvania Legislative Committees To Consider Legislation That Could Impact Injured Victims

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Pennsylvania’s House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider today, November 15, 2011, proposed legislation dealing with Venue (HB 1976), which would remove the Supreme Court’s exclusive power to determine where a case may be filed.

The House Transportation Committee will also consider establishing Public Private Partnership (HB 3) for road funding. While the current bill reatains the Sovereign Immunity Waiver, attempts may be made by the legislature and Governor to remove this limited protection.

Additionally, the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee is meeting today, to consider SB 1339 which raises the minimum auto policy limits from $15,000 to $30,000, and $30,000 to $60,000. This limit has not been raised since 1974.

To help with these efforts, please immediately contact your legislator and ask them to do the following :

(1) oppose HB 1976 because it is unconstitutional;
(2) resist any effort to remove the sovereign immunity waiver from HB 3;
(3) and support SB 1339 any legislation to raise the minimum auto limits.

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