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Pennsylvania Manual Teaches Amish And Drivers How To Share The Road

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What does your state or Commonwealth do to explain how Amish buggy operators and drivers should share the road? WHP-TV 21 from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is reporting that Pennsylvania state police are investigating a hit and run crash that involved an Amish buggy over the weekend. Nobody was hurt in the crash which happened Sunday evening, April 29, 2012.

Although accidents involving horse and buggies are rare, they do happen occasionally and when they do often someone either inside the buggy or the horse is killed. As a result the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) came up with the Horse and Buggy Driver’s Manual. It’s the only one of its kind and it’s saving lives. About six years ago, the Amish community came to PennDOT asking for help and the Horse and Buggy Driver’s Manual, was the answer.

The manual, which now has nearly 40,000 copies in distribution in PA, Ohio, Kentucky, Canada and even Germany, is the only one known to exist. It teaches Amish buggy drivers how to read street signs and signal for a turn. It demonstrates how to utilize reflectors at night and maintain safe driving distances to avoid collisions. It’s just like the manual for motor vehicle drivers, just a little smaller, but just as affective.

For more on the manual go to the PENNDOT website at http://www.dot.state.pa.us/.

For more on the new article go to the WHP-TV 21 website at the following link:


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  1. Linda Egenes says:
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    This is a great idea–I wonder if it could be adopted in other states where Amish people live. It could save lives.