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Spring Is Almost Here – Safe Driving Tips

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What safety tips will you follow as Harrisburg, Central Pennsylvania, the entire Commonwealth, and Country moves from snow and ice to the rain, potholes and the nice Spring weather?

What actions and precautions do you take to avoid a car wreck or car crash and possible serious injuries?

Here are a few that you should remember as Spring approaches in Pennsylvania:
1. Keep an eye out for potholes. Very often, snow and ice in Winter create dangerous potholes and hitting a pothole can blow a tire and misalign your car’s steering.
2. Be aware of hydroplaning in spring storms.

3. Be aware of the additional cars and bicycles on the roads, especially motorcycles. The nice weather brings out more drivers and bikers.

4. Watch for increased pedestrians. The nice weather also will show an increase in pedestrians walking on the road.

5. Check your wiper blades. This is a good time of year to replace them.

6. Watch for sunglare. Early in the Spring the glare of the sun can be a danger.