Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Scott Cooper

Track Nursing Home Patient Safety and Patient Neglect

The Chambersburg Public Opinion is reporting today about how to locate deficiencies in nursing homes in Central Pennsylvania. You can also locate and compare nursing homes throughout the…

Joe Chapman

Answer to Attempts to Limit Pennsylvania Nursing Home Safety

In Pennsylvania there is a move to cut punitive damages in cases where abused residents try to fight back against the greed of nursing home companies. An article appeared in the Pittsburgh Post…

Scott Cooper

Pennsylvania Court Refuses To Enforce Nursing Home Binding Arbitration Agreement

In Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania this week, the trial court in Pisano v. Extendicare Homes, Inc., No. 41 of 2012 (Westmoreland Co. July 9, 2012) denies the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss…

Scott Cooper

Why Is Mandatory Arbitration In Nursing Home Contracts Wrong?

Below is a Letter to the Editor in the July 2, 2012 edition of the Legal Intelligencer explaining why mandatory arbitration provisions in nursing home contracts are wrong. What other reasons do…

Scott Cooper

Inspector General: 90% Of Nursing Homes Employ A Convict

The New York Times recently reported that the inspector general of the federal government issued findings that 90% of nursing homes have an employee who has been convicted of at least one…

Scott Cooper

137 Nursing Homes in Pennsylvania Receive Lowest Quality Rating by Medicare

Medicare has a system for rating nursing homes. The government does this because, “Nursing homes vary in the quality of care and services they provide to their residents. Reviewing…

Scott Cooper

Pennsylvania Proposal Seeks Cap On Punitive Damages In Nursing Home Claims

What do you think about a Governor and legislator supporting a law which places an arbitrary cap on punitive damages if you, or a loved one, are the victim of negligence in a nursing,…