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Scott Cooper

Hazing Incident Leads to Criminal Charges – Has Penn State Learned?

Below is an article appearing in today's Centre Daily News on criminal charges filed as a result of a hazing incident last Spring. Do you think the charges are warranted? Is this an…

Joe Chapman

State Farm Suit to Enforce Exclusions against Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky's homeowners' insurance company, State Farm, filed suit last week in the Middle District of Pennsylvania in federal court.

The lawsuit follows a similar one by…

Scott Cooper

Will Penn State Make A Good Faith Effort To Settle Civil Suits?

Now that the Freeh Report has been released, there is speculation about whether Penn State will try to settle any civil lawsuits. What do you think?

Below is an article in the July 16, 2012…

Scott Cooper

What is the scope of Penn State's Civil Liability?

Do you believe that the University will accept responsibility and compensate the victims fairly? What do you believe is the civil liability of Penn State now that the Freeh Report has been…

Joe Chapman

Freeh Report Shows Gaping Holes in Board Monitoring and PSU Officials' Decision-making

The Free report came out today and was scathing in its criticisms of Penn State University's high ranking officials and board members.

Penn State's board of directions…

Scott Cooper

Dog Bites Are Frequent In Central Pennsylvania And The United States

What duty do you believe a dog owner owes to the general public to make sure that the dog is not a danger? How often do you think they occur?

There are over 4.5 million dog bites in the…

Scott Cooper

How Has Penn State University Handled The Civil Cases Relating To Sandusky’s Actions?

What do you think of Penn State's actions in how it has handled the civil cases that are the result of the Sandusky Scandal?

Below is a link to a report from Annie McCormick of…

Scott Cooper

What are the odds: Should Sandusky testify?

If you were defending Mr. Sandusky would you have him testify in his own defense? That is a question which should be answered within the next 48 hours. Below is an item from Harrisburg TV-21…

Scott Cooper

Farm Accidents Are A Growing Problem – Falling Farm Equipment

Farm accidents are a growing problem in the United States. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the number of fatal agricultural accidents has grown more than 15 percent over…

Scott Cooper

PSU Hazing Scandal Prevents Three Students From Walking At Graduation

One employee has resigned and several students are not allowed to graduate following a story you saw first on CBS 21 News.

Freshman Asya Trowell spoke first to CBS 21 about the abuse she…