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Hosptial Lab Tech Arrested after Stealing Fentanyl Syringes and Infecting Patients with Hep. C

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In Massachusetts, David Kwiatkowski, was arrested after stealing syringes filled with fentanyl in hospitals where he worked. He was a travelling lab technician and, evidently has worked in different states. So far the investigation has uncovered and disclosed more than thirty people who were treated in Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire were infected with Hepatitis C. What does this have to do with the story? Kwiatkowski has had Hepatitis C since June 2010. The "serial infector," as he has been called, stole fentanyl from the hospital, and then refilled syringes with saline solution. It appears the syringes were used on patients in a cardiac catherization lab, and the disease was spread to the patients.

The federal officials working the case have said that this is a multi-state problem. Will Pennsylvania patients be affected? If so, a PA hospital could be responsible to their patients if there were failures in conduct of its workers to follow policies and protocols either to stop the actions of Kwiatkowski or to notice the used syringes. Schmidt Kramer's personal injury attorneys in Central PA can help you or your loved ones if they have been affected.