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Hazing At Penn State Has Former Student Seeking Justice

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She wants her abusers to face criminal charges and expulsion. Now she has hired attorneys to put pressure on the school, a story you will only see on CBS 21. Asya Trowell says she was looking for a good fit her freshman year at Penn State University. She pledged as a “little sister” as part of “Omega Essence” an auxiliary group with the Penn State chapter of fraternity Omega Psi Phi.

“For me it seemed like it was a good fit,” Trowell stated. “I liked hanging out with the omegas.”

But when pledge time came April 3, things took a drastic change. Asya says along with two other female pledges she was tortured by two women who served as her “deans”.

“We were taken to a basement of a home where we were basically beat, I was beat until I was bleeding,” Trowell recalled. The abuse took hours. “We were hit in the face, I was beat until I was bleeding,” Trowell continued. “I got to a point where my physical body was there but my mind was somewhere else, it was a complete nightmare, it was torture.”

Finally, morning came and Asya called her mom, she went to the emergency room “My entire abdomen was way too tender to the touch, they said this would be bad,” Trowell explained.

“The main concern is that PSU doesn’t sweep this under the rug,” stated attorney Scott Cooper.

In light of recent allegations against Penn State for ignoring claims against Jerry Sandusky, Asya felt she needed a team to make sure PSU fully investigates her claims so she hired Harrisburg Attorney Scott Cooper.

“Right now I think they owe it to her to say how can we help you get on with your studies and your life?” Cooper added.

Asya just got off doctor-ordered bed rest and will not go back to Penn State. CBS 21 News contacted the fraternity’s national organization and have not heard back.

Penn state university police say they cannot speak about ongoing cases but did confirm a hazing complaint was filed on April 9 at the same exact time Asya filed hers. They say they are investigating several other claims of hazing but can’t say against what organization.

Asya says the same day she contacted PSU Public Affairs about her claims.

For more on the incident go to Annie McCormick’s report on the WHP-TV21 website at the following link: