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Crash Shows Importance Of Wearing A Helmet While Operating A Motorcycle

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Recently, a 17-year-old boy lost control of the motorcycle he was operating as he finished passing another vehicle. He was thrown from the bike and landed on the road. The accident occurred near in South Central Pennsylvania outside of Harrisburg near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He was wearing his helmet and was taken to the hospital with only a minor injury. This crash displays the importance of wearing a helmet while, at any time, operating or being a passenger on a motorcycle.

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1 Comment

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  1. sandra novak says:
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    God knows this is a hard one for me, aug.8,2010 my husban and i were on our bike, we had a beautiful day, till, a drunk driven, pill poppen cop hit us head on. no we didnt have helmets on.God i wish we did, my wayne died a few weeks later from all the head trama. but if i would have had one on they said i probely would have been killed instantley.my entire neck and back were broken,plus many other parts of my body. but i have the hangmans break, whitch as we know any more pressure applyed there would have killed me.