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Christmas Tree Lights And Safety

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How do you have make sure that your Christmas tree lights are safe? Here are a few which could reduce the risk of injury and make for a more enjoyable holiday:

1. Keep candles away from the tree.

2. Check for broken bulbs and replace the entire string, even if only one is broken.

3. When you leave the house or go to bed, UNPLUG the lights.

4. Make sure the lights used are certified as nationally tested.

5. Make sure the lights are designed to be used indoors.

6. If your tree is artifical make sure the lights are designed to be used on articial trees.

7. Keep your tree at least three to four feet away from any heat sources or fires.

8. Do not put too many lights on the tree.

9. Avoid using extention cords, if possible.

10. If you use an extention cord make sure it has been tested and do not place too make plugs in it.

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