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Pennsylvania Law May Require Workers Compensation Coverage For Pre-existing Condition

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Many people injured in work related accidents do not know that under Pennsylvania workers' compensation law, your employer must provide medical care and wage benefits for aggravation of a pre-existing condition. A workplace accident or job duties can cause a re-injury or flare-up of a previous condition such as a back strain, knee injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, an accident or your duties can aggravate an existing condition such as arthritis, asthma or degenerative disc disease.

The new injury claim must be work-related and an actual aggravation of the condition. Employers and their insurers commonly challenge claims and reject medical bills by arguing (a) that the injury didn't happen at work or (b) that the injury is not disabling. The pre-existing condition does not have to be related to your current employment. It could be from a genetic disease, an incident at your previous job, or an old sports injury or car accident.

The important thing is to get medical care after aggravating a pre-existing condition. What is your state law on this issue?

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