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Pennsylvania Worker Loses Fingers In Explosion Just Outside Pittsburgh

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WPXI in Pittsburgh is reporting about a worker who lost several fingers in an explosion at a Connellsville business Wednesday morning June 27, 2012.

Emergency responders said the explosion happened at on West Crawford Avenue.

Fire officials said an employee at the OC Lugo Company was mixing chemicals when the explosion happened. The company makes oxygen generators for the military.

“The product involved is a red phosphorus in a small container and is a normally stable product. For some unknown reason, while mixing the product with another producer, the explosion occurred,” said New Haven Volunteer Fire Department chief Bob Topper.

Another worker complained of ringing in his ears and said he inhaled some of the chemicals.

Both people were flown to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment.

After the explosion, people who live and work near the building were evacuated as a precaution.

Topper said it was a good thing that only a small amount of the chemicals were involved or there could have been a larger explosion.

Everyone was allowed back into their homes and workplaces after officials deemed the building safe.

The vicitms’ names and conditions have not been released. No other injuries were reported.

For more on the accident go to the station website at: http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/explosion-reported-connellsville-paint-company/nPfz3/