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What do you think of Penn State's actions in how it has handled the civil cases that are the result of the Sandusky Scandal?

Below is a link to a report from Annie McCormick of Harrisburg news station WHP-TV 21 of the University's conduct since the criminal verdict over two weeks ago.

Some of the transcript of the report is below:

The night of Sandusky's guilty verdict, Penn State sent out a release asking victims to come and talk with them about damages but so far two attorneys tell CBS 21 Penn State has not reached out to their clients.

Attorney Ben Andreozzi says the Freeh Report will be a big piece of the puzzle for civil cases moving ahead, and will impact what Penn State can offer victims.

Both attorneys we spoke to Monday nave not been contacted by Penn State. Attorney Ben Andreozzi represents victim 4 plus other alleged victims; he says right now he is focusing on the sentencing phase of the trial.

Attorney Scott Cooper's firm represents an alleged victim and he thinks the initial outreach by the university was a PR move with no follow-up.

Andreozzi says he has not filed civil action, at this point he remains focused on the criminal proceeding including potential appeals and he is waiting for victim 4 to decide what he wants to do next.

Scott Cooper's firm, Schmidt Kramer represents an alleged victim not included in the AG’s case and they already filed a civil suit against PSU, Sandusky and The Second Mile.

Andreozzi thinks the Louis Freeh Report will have an impact on how PSU proceeds with civil cases. Scott Cooper thinks they initially came forward just for show and now aren’t following up.

“If the Freeh Report comes out and its our opinion it's not full disclosure, we might have to take the next step which is filing a lawsuit taking depositions and discovery to find out questions we have,” Cooper explained. “it could take years.”

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