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We all age. That is a fact of life. However, we all age differently. There is no specific warning sign for a person to see that can warn he or she that there driving ability is being impacted by age. However, here are a few everyday signs to look for which may decrease the likelihood of an accident and serious injuries.

1. Aging may cause leg pain which can make it difficult to use the gas and brake.

2. Diminished arm strength from aging impacts the ability to turn the steering wheel.

3. Reduced flexibility in your neck from stiffness or pain can reduce the ability to turn your neck to see cars over your shouler when switching lanes or backing out of parking spaces.

4. Over time, we lose our attention span which makes it more difficult to keep track of all the roads signs, markings and signals.

5. Our reaction time also slows with age which makes it more difficult to slow or stop for vehicles.

6. Our eyesight changes with age. Make sure you get regular eye check-ups.

Following these tips will help you avoid serious accidents. What others do you have?

As we age, it is normal for our driving abilities to be impacted. This does not mean that we must stop driving but simply means that we need to be more aware of the warning signs of aging and make any changes to our driving patterns and habits that may be necessary. This will keep you from being involved in a car accident or car wreck in Harrisburg, Central Pennsylvania and around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which has an aging population.

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