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What tips and rules do you follow when riding a bicycle on a road? Do you teach the same things to your children, family and friends?

Many people forget to always obey the Rules of the Road when riding a bicycle in Pennsylvania. These rules are contained in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.

There are two types of bike/car accidents that are more common than others. The first is a when a vehicle going in the opposite direction turns directly into your path. The second is a right hand turn in front of you where the vehicle passes you on the left and makes a right turn directly into your path.

Always call the police following a bicycle accident, if for no other reason than to recover for the damage to your bicycle; it could end up being your biggest single loss.

Always go for a physical exam following an accident. Many times, aches and pains do not show up until days after the accident.

In Pennsylvania, your medical bills will be paid by the first-party coverage under your automobile insurance. In Pennsylvania, all automobile insurance owners are required to buy a minimum of $5,000 in medical coverage. If you do not own an automobile, then you may be eligible to collect medical benefits from the policy of the driver that hit you. Once your automobile insurance medical limits are exhausted, then the next level would be your private health insurance.

Also realize that insurance claims adjusters typically are not as knowledgeable about bikes as you are, so when you are in an accident and expecting to file a claim for your damaged bike, make sure that you have more than enough information to get fair value for it. You may have to educate your adjuster on how much your bike is really worth. Try services such as Craigslist to get an idea of the value range for your bike. If the bike is one that is not commonly sold, go to your bike shop and talk to the owner.

Always wear your helmet and be safe!

If you have been injured in a car wreck or accident involving a car and bicycle in Central Pennsylvnaia or anywhere else in Pennsylvania contact Chuck Schmidt and Gerry Kramer at SchmidtKramer Injury lawyers.

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